About Us

The Rhode Island Guitar Guild is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the Rhode Island community through music. The Guild will present international artists and educators in some of Rhode Island's most beautiful concert venues. We are dedicated to making these concerts available to anyone who loves music as well as creating a diverse and vibrant artistic community that reflects the amazing talent that Rhode Island has to offer.

Guild membership will include discounted ticket prices and admittance to our Play Parties. Play Parties will be potluck-style social events where guild members will be encouraged to share their musicality with the group in a low-pressure and fun environment! RIGG will also have an additional ensemble program made up of members and coached by local and international educators.

RIGG Leadership

Victor Main

Artistic Director
Artistic Director: Adam Levin

Board of Directors
Mark and Beverly Davis, Eric Christensen, Dennis Costa, Spencer Ladd, Jim Davidson, Ceili Connors, Osvaldo Gold, Wayne Kilcline